About Us
    Rhonda D. Fiss has been licensed to practice law in Illinois since 1985. During her 27 years of practice, she has litigated in several venues, including the Supreme Court of Illinois, the Appellate Courts of Illinois, Circuit Courts and administrative proceedings. Rhonda has tried complex Federal and State cases before juries and obtained large verdicts. Rhonda welcomes complex cases and fights for YOU.

    She is often asked to take over cases that have been mishandled and to correct the errors of well-meaning but unskilled lawyers. In addition to her personal injury clients, Rhonda has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients who have been the victims of legal malpractice.

    Her extensive experience includes representation of clients from various backgrounds and financial strata, including professionals and business owners, farm corporations, and members of the armed services, uniquely qualify her to assess your case and develop a strategy to accomplish your intended goals. She has successfully concluded thousands of divorce and custody cases, and has obtained settlements and jury verdicts for her clients totaling several million dollars.

    Rhonda's style of representation is aggressive, bold, and focused on a swift and just resolution. This approach to litigation has brought notable success. She has changed Illinois common law in favor of minor children and litigants forced to take on insurance companies. (See Cates vs. Cates, decided by the Illinois Supreme Court in 1993, and Taylor vs. American Family Insurance, decided by the Appellate Court for the Fifth District of Illinois in 2000.

    She keeps her courtroom skills and legal knowledge sharp by litigating high-dollar civil cases along with complex family court trials. This dual focus in Rhonda's practice gives her clients a distinct practical advantage over representation by firms whose selling point is constant contact with a lawyer. Please note that these firms do not list specific experience or accomplishments because they have none. In other words, you will have constant contact with a lawyer that lacks the experience and courtroom skills that you need and should expect from your lawyer.